2013-14 Communications

4th Vice President – Jennifer Boltz

2013-14 Chair – Jane Birck
This group creates the Ayer Directory which provides valuable contact information for all our students/families. It also provides valuable information such as the school calendar, teacher and administration contact information and general Forest Hills School District information.

2013-14 Chair – Megan Newberry
This PTA newsletter is published weekly and distributed to families on Wednesdays through email. It will keep you informed about everything happening at Ayer!

2013-14 Chair – Tara Binder
We invite you to join the Ayer PTA today! A portion of the dues provides membership in the Ohio PTA and the National PTA, which offer information and programs for our local unit.

VIE (Volunteers in Education)
2013-14 Chair – Jessica Sartoris
VIEs are parents who spend time at school assisting in the classroom, the media center, and many other areas. VIEs have the opportunity to work directly with faculty, staff and students. The work of VIEs is greatly appreciated, and any parent who can spare a few hours each month is encouraged to participate.

FHIMA (Forest Hills Instrumental Music Association)
2013-14 Chair – Julie Siekmann
We show our support for the Forest Hills Instrumental Music Association by participating in their fundraisers and events.

2013-14 Chair – Kim Koelle
We do a lot of exciting things at Ayer and it’s important to let our community know about them!  The publicity chair person works with local media to share information and photos from our events.

2013-14 Chair – Kendra Welton
Have you seen the sign at the school entrance?  PTA updates the sign with upcoming school and PTA events, so be sure to check it out when you visit!

2013-14 Chair – Julie Gislason
Forest Hills has a committee designed to share information with all the schools about health, wellness, and substance abuse.  Our representative will share that information with us and help coordinate various programs related to health and wellness.

2013-14 Chair – Megan Newberry
Have you ever wondered whom to contact about a PTA activity?  Or maybe want to find out when an event is happening?  The Ayer PTA website is a convenient way for parents to gather information about PTA.  You can find the calendar, descriptions of events, PTA contacts, volunteer forms and much more!

2013-14 Services

3rd Vice President – Carrie Orr

2013-14 Chairs – Julie Siekmann, Angie Maddrill
To promote school spirit, a variety of Ayer t-shirts, sweatshirts and other items will be available with Ayer’s colors and Falcon Mascot. Items can be purchased by students and teachers in the fall.

2013-14 Chairs – Dena Pyne, Carrie Orr
This is an opportunity for children to purchase affordable gifts for their family and friends for the holiday, while having breakfast with Santa. With the help of 6th graders, even small children can wrap up some fun surprises!

The PTA provides this great service to Ayer families! They have the opportunity to purchase school supply kits, which contain all the supplies on the school’s list for each specific grade, at an affordable price.  The sale takes place at the end of the school year and supply kits can be picked up at our Packet Drop-off day in August.

2013-14 Chairs – Kelley Earls, Charla Lee
This group provides appreciation meals for our hard-working teachers and staff at key times during the year. If you like to cook or grocery shop, this could be the perfect committee for you!

2013-14 Chair – Nichelle Trigg
Check out the delicious, easy-to-make food from Market Day! Market Day offers a unique selection of products that make great gifts for everyone on your list-and yourself! The best part: a portion of every purchase helps your school or community group! Click here to start shopping.

2013-14 Chairs – Drives – Amy Rile, Jenny Thon
2013-14 Chair – Supplies – Deirdre Bird
This Clothing, food and toy drives are organized to aid families within and outside of the Forest Hills School District.

2013-14 Chair – Angela Laake/span>
Calling all gardeners!  Let us know if you are interested in helping to work on our award winning landscaping to help keep Ayer beautiful.


2013-14 Chair – Melanie Hartong
In late January, we give families a chance to let loose and have fun!  This family dance is tied with a service project that the Ayer Student Government selects each year, such as Hannah’s Socks and the Dragonfly Foundation.  Families are invited to the gym on a Friday night to dance and have fun with a DJ while helping a good cause.

2013-14 Programs

2nd Vice President – Ann Lindy


2013-14 Chair – Karen Caldwell
This program brings science to life for our students with high-energy assemblies and lots of engaging hands-on learning activities. Many volunteers are needed to assist the students as they explore COSI’s interactive stations.

2013-14 Chair – Michelle Parrish
This program will include one or more cultural events that will be brought to Ayer for our students. This past year, the children participated in Young Authors’ Day. Think of this as bringing field trips to Ayer!

2013-14 Chairs – Tara Binder, Stephanie Lahrman
These programs are offered after school hours to provide students with the opportunity to pursue topics of interest beyond the scope of their classroom experience. They are available at low cost to the students and are usually led by outside organizations and/or faculty members.

2013-14 Chair – Tricia Lapp
This program is designed to help improve our children’s awareness of the importance of good nutrition and fitness. Through various initiatives, we hope to get the Ayer Falcons eating healthier and exercising more!

2013-14 Chair – Robin Rothfuss
This exciting day is a hands-on, cultural exploration of our world, where each grade “visits” a different continent. The day is full of new information, different perspectives and creative activities designed to engage, enrich and educate. Many volunteers are needed!

2013-14 Chairs – Amy Elmore, Ann Lindy
This committee works with an outside company to organize two musicals for Ayer students. The first is for kids in grades 1-3. The second musical is for kids in grades 4-6. Come support our many Ayer actors and actresses!

2013-14 Chair – Lisa Walsh
This person works with representatives from the other elementary schools in the district to help coordinate the design (submitted by students),  sale and distribution of the t-shirts for their field trip to Camp Kern in May.